Datatrics is a predictive marketing solution based on Artificial Intelligence that allows you to increase online conversions, loyalty and customer experience.

Datatrics aggregates data from internal sources (CRM, Email, Social Network, E-commerce, Web Analytics, etc.) and external (demographic data, weather conditions, traffic intensity, etc.) allowing you to build a complete database with profiles of truly 360-degree customers.

Key features

Datatrics allows to:

  • identify the visitors to your site, the purchase phase and the persuasion strategy to be adopted
  • create micro-segmentations to send automatic emails to customers by dynamically showing relevant products based on their interest, thanks to a simple and fast integration with MailUp
  • increase the open rate and CTR of emails, and at the same time reduce the unsubscription rate, thanks to the sending of personalized content and messages at the right time for the customer
  • create personalized customer journeys
  • show relevant on-site content relevant to the user’s characteristics
  • optimize online marketing campaigns, Google, Facebook, Display Adv, etc.

How to configure MailUp integration

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