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  • Tienda Nube

    Resumen El conector con Tienda Nube permite aprovechar mejor toda la información que se genera en su e-commerce, con el […]

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  • Magento 2

    Para qué sirve Transfiere datos de pedidos y clientes de Magento a MailUp para cada nuevo suscriptor al newsletter en […]

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  • Datatrics

    Datatrics is a predictive marketing solution based on Artificial Intelligence that allows you to increase online conversions, loyalty and customer […]

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  • Storeden

    Storeden is an innovative online sales platform that also allows to distribute your products on any Amazon or Ebay marketplace. […]

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  • BlueLead

    blueLead generates models and automatic behavior trends that allow you to create segmented marketing campaigns. Handling all users, in the […]

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  • Zoho CRM

    The integration between MailUp and Zoho CRM gives an overview of mailing campaigns inside Zoho CRM, synchronizes Leads from the […]

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  • makes your customers buy more, by personalising and automating the products you show. Among other features, the system allows […]

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  • Cyclr

    Integrate and Automate MailUp with your essential business applications Cyclr is a cloud-based integration platform that allows non-programmers, without an […]

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  • Vtex

    El conector Vtex / MailUp permite poder hacer un mejor aprovechamiento de toda la información que se genera en tu […]

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