Thanks to the integration between MailUp and Fatture in Cloud, you can create and automate highly effective email and SMS campaigns to build quality relationships with the contacts in your Fatture in Cloud account. The integration between the two systems allows you to synchronize contact data from Fatture in Cloud with the MailUp platform, import their information, and use it to create precise segments for sending personalized and relevant emails and SMS.


Account Connection: To link Fatture in Cloud, access the MailUp platform, follow the path Recipients > Import > Integrations > Fatture in Cloud, and connect your Fatture in Cloud account in just one click.

Data Synchronization: To import your customer data into the MailUp platform, log in and follow the path: Recipients > Import. Select the Import from Fatture in Cloud option. In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to import all your contacts into the platform and start sending professional and high-performing emails.