BEE Pro is the complete email design suite for creating beautiful emails, fast.

With BEE Pro you add hundreds of professionally-designed responsive email templates to your MailUp account and you get an advanced version of your drag-n-drop editor to customize them in minutes.

Perfect for freelance designers, marketing teams & email agencies, BEE Pro reduces email production time with smart design tools, review & approval features, and -last but not least – direct MailUp integration.

Key features

BEE Pro allows you to:

  • Access to 200+ Professional Templates, designed for specific events/cases (e.g. Christmas, Ecommerce, etc)
  • Save & re-use message rows (e.g. footer, header, etc.)
  • Manage custom merge tags (e.g. {{dynamicfields.FIELDNAME}} )
  • Review, comment & approve messages
  • Create & manage your custom templates
  • Manage users roles and permissions (including restricted content editing)
  • Set brand favorite assets (e.g. brand-approved fonts)
  • Push to MailUp and other applications in one click 
  • Edit the email messages inside MailUp Platform