Drupal is one of the most popular content management systems for powering Web sites. It can also be used as a framework on top of which custom Web applications are built. It is used by over one million companies around the world. The MailUp module for Drupal is an open-source application not developed by MailUp, but rather supported by various members of the Drupal community.

Main benefits

After adding the MailUp module to a Drupal-powered site or Drupal Commerce-powered online store, businesses can:
  • Collect multi-list email preferences (e.g. a customer may be interested in “Weekly Specials” and “Monthly Promotions”, but not “New Arrivals”).
  • Collect group preferences within lists (e.g. the same customer may want “Weekly Specials > Female” and not “Weekly Specials > Male”) by displaying them as additional options when signing up
  • Keep email preferences synchronized both ways between Drupal and MailUp
  • Transfer key data from Drupal to MailUp so that it can be used for personalization, segmentation, and email automation.