The MailUp Extension for Magento allows you to leverage the powerful MailUp email messaging system from your Magento-powered eCommerce store.
  • ensure a high level of deliverability for your emails
  • run professional email marketing campaigns
  • easily filter customers In Magento and seamlessly pass the data to MailUp, which will handle the sending and tracking of the messages.
  • automatically transfer customer and order data from Magento to MailUp
  • leverage that data to grow sales with automated, triggered messages

Features summary

The MailUp extension for Magento includes the following features:
  • Specify the List in your MailUp account that the store is connected to (MailUp supports multiple Lists, which you could connect to multiple e-commerce portals).
  • Filter customers based on a number of criteria (purchase history, customer type, etc.)
  • Send the filtered customers to MailUp with one click, adding to an existing Group or creating a new Group, then send a targeted message to that Group from within your MailUp platform.
  • Turn on/off the automatic export of sales data
  • Use triggered messages in MailUp for marketing automation based on sales & other data (e.g. send a coupon 45 days after an order is placed to invite customers to purchase again).

System Requirements

The MailUp email marketing extension for Magento supports both the community and enterprise editions of Magento. The following versions are currently supported:
  • Community Edition: 1.4.x, 1.5x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x (latest version tested is
  • Enterprise Edition: We currently do not officially support Enterprise editions. The extension can be installed, but you may encounter functionality issues