The MailUp – Vtiger CRM connector is a module that allows you to manage your email campaigns straight from your CRM. With this module, you will be able to manage the “automatic” addition of contacts to your MailUp account. You will only need to indicate the selection criteria for your MailUp lists: every new contact added in the CRM will automatically be “sorted” in the correct list and synced with your MailUp account.

Is a contact no longer in the selection criteria? The module will automatically remove it from the MailUp list. You will have up-to-date MailUp lists, without needing to manually upload and import-export contacts and email addresses.

You may also see your MailUp campaign statistics directly from CRM. You will have open and clicks for each contact, to categorize your contacts according to their interests and plan more targeted email campaigns.

The MailUp – Vtiger Connector combines the functionalities of your CRM with those of MailUp, providing a quick and intuitive tool to plan your email campaigns and segment your recipients based on their activities.

This description was submitted by the integration’s developer. MailUp lists integrations developed by third parties for customer convenience only. We do not offer any support or guarantee on these products. Please contact the developer for any inquiry.