This is a basic, open source integration between MailUp and Drupal to address the simple need of adding a MailUp list sign-up form to a Drupal site.

The module helps you to manage users subscriptions and synchronization. From the administration section, you can easily customize your website and enable the features you need.

The module is not compatible with Drupal 7.


After the set up of the Drupal module for MailUp you can:
  • Select a subset of MailUp lists and make them available for subscription in the registration form of your Drupal powered website. Selected MailUp lists can be locally renamed on Drupal.
  • Specify one or more groups in which list subscribers are added.
  • Map Drupal user profiles with MailUp personal data fields and keep synchronization for each Drupal user that is subscribed to MailUp lists.
  • Let Drupal user change his/her profile and subscriptions, keeping these data synchronized with MailUp.
  • Export existing Drupal users on a XML or CSV file that is compatible for manual import on MailUp admin console.
  • Export existing Drupal users to MailUp lists/groups by using a specific function in the admin panel. In case of big numbers of users (e.g. several thousands) you can also enable an option that splits users list in several blocks and programs export of each block by using a cron.

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